Generate Positive Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, traditional marketing tactics only address the first step in a long and continuous journey to marketing success; they make customers aware of you, then what? How can you best convert that awareness to action, sales, and loyalty? The answer is simple…Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Most restaurants live and die by word-of-mouth recommendations given by customers to friends, family and colleagues. Customer reviews are the most effective social traffic for driving sales; however one shouldn’t underestimate the effect a bad review can have on an establishment.

There are several ways for owners and operators to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing to get customers championing for your venue. Here are some helpful hints to put you on the right track.

Exceed Expectations: Going above and beyond the expectations of your customers is the fastest and best way to get your customers talking about you.

Share Your Story: Understanding your niche market and controlling the narrative shared with them through your staff and branding will increase your identity and positive conversation among customers.

Consistency: Providing a comfortable and consistent atmosphere including an engaging staff, quality products and clean surroundings that customers expect increases the chances of them telling a friend or family member.

Provide Incentives: Offering loyal customers something unique or rare gives them more reason to talk about your venue. Special features help your customers set your venue apart from your competitors.

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