Get Ready for Labor Day & Send Summer off in Style

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The time for us to say goodbye to summer is right around the proverbial corner. You have just three weeks to finalize the details of your Labor Day promotions. People will be looking to party the entire weekend but the big day is Sunday the 4th, so be ready. After all, there is no school and there is no work on Monday so your guests can – and will – stay out much later than normal that Sunday.

If you’re a nightclub operator, consider adjusting your hours. For example, Avalon in Hollywood is opening their doors at 8:00 PM and keeping them open until 4:00 AM for their Labor Day Weekend promotion. Avalon has also branded their event “The biggest collegiate event,” grabbing the attention of LDA college students. The venue is also offering ticket presales, something every venue should consider when planning a special event.

Bar operators should be featuring their seasonal beers, tropical cocktails, smoothie concoctions, crisp and refreshing beverages, and rosé wines. Your guests want to say goodbye to summer in style, so give them one last summer libation hurrah (and let them blow out your summer stock so you can make room for fall and winter products). To help inspire you to send summer off with a bang, check out the warm weather recipes below.


Olympic Gold Medal cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

Not only is the Olympic Gold Medal ideal for watching Rio 2016, it’s a citrusy refresher.

Gavilan cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

The Gavilán is a summer cocktail that brings both the sweet and the heat.

Watermelon Agua Fresca Mimosa cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

Not only does the Watermelon Aqua Fresca Mimosa feature sparkling wine, it can be served as a granita or a slushy.

Summer Break cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

As the name implies, the Summer Break is all about sipping and relaxing.

Summer Saison cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

The Summer Saison captures the characteristics of a crisp, cold beer and combines it with a fruity cocktail.

Reyka Pink Grapefruit cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

Grapefruit is the star of this Reyka Vodka cocktail.

Cascadian Caipbeerinha cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

Cachaça and an IPA float come together to make the Cascadian Caipbeerinha.

RAD aka Rose All Day cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

RAD, aka Rosé All Day, is an elegant way to send off the summer.

Drambuie and Reyka Vodka Silver Lining cocktail recipe - Labor Day cocktails

The Drambuie & Reyka Vodka Silver Lining is a tropical riff on the traditional Mule.


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