Giveaways a Vehicle to Drive Traffic?

The only consistent reason for utilizing giveaways in a promotion is quite simple - to drive traffic into the venue. No matter what type of bar, nightclub or restaurant you own.

When considering offering giveaways it’s best to focus on slow seasons, as common sense dictates when you're busy you don't need to give anything away.  But, with that said in order drive traffic into your venue and invest in a giveaway you need to get a payback of some type. You need something in return for your investment in the giveaway, even if it’s not monetary.

Giveaways are often used a vehicles for obtaining information, an opportunity to regain investment at a later time through future visits, or simply by converting a onetime visit into a regular customer. So, how can you create the illusion of a free giveaway to your guest while taking advantage of the masses to generate a higher net profit or the information you desire?

Develop a Food Giveaway Promo - The first thing you need to do is figure out the cost and structure of the deal. For example: You decide to introduce a sushi giveaway promotion where the food costs is around $2.12 per sushi roll and the average person could finish 4 of the rolls in a sitting or COG of $8.48 per person = NET $11.52. Now, require a drink purchase and limited the promo to only 2 rolls at a time (the guest must finish the rolls before ordering the next round). On average you will sell 2 drinks per person at $12 per person COG $2 per person = Net $10. This results in NET profit of $21.52 per person average plus 20% tip for servers for a check average of approximately $27.  This type of promotion works great for Pizza, Wings, Burgers, etc.

Develop a Free Gift Shot Program - By creating large vats of jungle juice shots that bartenders are able to gift to customer during a specific period of time can be hugely successful. It helps to ‘buy’ customer loyalty and easier to charge a cover. The COG is around 15 cents per shot and the customer will finish it in second and then purchase another drink.  Other may not want the shot but it still goes a long way in terms of the customer’s perception of perks.   This type of promotion is perfect for Nightclubs and Late night venues.

Develop a Birthday Package - Birthday packages are the most popular giveaway packages that exist.  One f of the best things to give away during a slow season is real estate; such as tables or VIP seating areas. Open VIP table doesn’t cost the venue anything but can lift an overall experience for specific guests. If you decided to include complementary bottle for birthdays provide Champagne over liquor. Most parties will finish a bottle of Champagne in 30 minutes and encourage them to rebuy and upgrade. This is where you make your money the additional bottle and upselling premium mixers.   


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