Gordon Biersch Goes VIP

Gordon BierschLas Vegas is a fun town, but it’s not an easy town. For a concept like Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, management at the Las Vegas location constantly is competing against high-end nightclubs and casinos that lure in crucial tourists. Gordon Biersch is part of CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc., with dual headquarters in Louisville, Colo. and Chattanooga, Tenn., and 29 locations around the United States.

However, General Manager David Vincent wasn’t deterred by the glitzy competitors. Instead, he partnered with Vegas VIP, a Las Vegas guest management company specializing in planning group events. With the help of Vegas VIP Vice President Michael Tomes, Vincent now is able to attract new groups of revelers into Gordon Biersch for dinner and drinks before their night out in the clubs and casinos begins.

Tomes and this team at Vegas VIP create group experiences for bachelor/bachelorette parties, divorce parties and more. When it comes to planning a night out for Vegas newbies, Tomes sends his clients to the best of Vegas, including Gordon Biersch, where they can partake in the restaurant's special offers.

Packages at Gordon Biersch are priced from $15 to $65, running the gamut from a two-hour unlimited beer and wine package -- perfect for bachelor parties -- to smaller items such as one course and a soft drink or a three-course meal with an appetizer, a salad and an entrée. Sodas, coffees and teas are part of the initial package; premium beverage packages with beer and wine are priced higher. All packages are available to the general public.

Vegas VIP approached management at Gordon Biersch, and Vincent saw the opportunity to tap into an important client base and also form a relationship with a company that would help Gordon Biersch’s bottom line in the long run.

“It was an opportunity to really capture a particular business segment that we always try to go after,” including tourists and people planning large events such as bachelor parties. “Vegas VIP has people going to them, and then they suggest us. For that, it made a whole lot of sense,” Vincent explains.

Gordon Biersch

So far, the alliance with Vegas VIP is increasing traffic. “They’re bringing groups of anywhere between six and 22 guys. I’m saying [we have] at least two to three parties a week,” Vincent explains. “[Guests] come from out of state or out of town, and it’s their first exposure to the brand. That sort of thing builds new relationships with new potential guests.”

Vincent says the Gordon Biersch staff is accommodating to Vegas VIP patrons, making sure they’re staffed accordingly, and setting up the table with a server that is knowledgeable and helps make sure service is fluid.

Another advantage, Vincent notes, is that when guests come to Gordon Biersch they get to take a break from the high-energy Vegas nightlife and “see what locals experience.”

Gordon Biersch

Vincent says Gordon Biersch is seeing new clientele, which is especially nice during the summer months, when things slow down.

“Summertime is the hurtful time so it’s always an advantage to get those parties each week. It’s great revenue for us,” not to mention brings in consistent profits from a professional group that bring in “A-plus clientele.”


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