Happening Happy Hour Promotions: Under the Harvest Moon

As the hours of sunlight wane, the minds behind The Living Room and Prohibition lounges at the W Minneapolis – The Foshay introduce their fall-inspired, wallet-friendly Harvest Moon Happy Hour.

Seven days a week throughout the season, the bars will offer select cocktails and bar food priced at $5 each from 5 to 7 p.m.; the promotion allows the lounges to highlight the chefs’ creations and give patrons relief from staid bar food and drinks. On the bar menu are wild mushroom crostini, jerk shrimp and a sushi of the day, while the specialty cocktails are Exit From Eden (Honeycrisp apple, vodka and Goldschläger), Naughty Au Pear (vodka, Rothman & Winter Orchard Pear liqueur and pear nectar) and Red Devil (tequila, muddled cranberries and cranberry juice).

Headed up by executive chef Josh Hill, the happy hour is “an opportunity for our chef and bartenders to follow the seasons and to show their creative side,” explains Kip Clayton, vice president of business development for operator Parasole Restaurant Holdings.

Being a hotel bar could perhaps make it difficult to draw outside traffic, but Clayton contends the happy hour is focused on locals — especially the “young 30-somethings” of Minneapolis. But because of the local food and style, the happy hour “gives hotel guests a uniquely Minnesota twist that they would not get at the W Scottsdale,” he says.

And while offering patrons such quality options at such low prices may not make the lounges money instantly, it hopefully will build the venue’s reputation among its target audience.

“Our guests expect more in terms of quality and presentation,” Clayton says. “That is what the Harvest Moon Happy Hour will deliver if we’re successful.”

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