Have You Hit a Marketing Roadblock?

Nightclubs and bars are finding that radio, print, flyers, posters, promoters and social media has stopped working for them. 

It is 2015 and many people are still holding on to expensive but very ineffective ways to advertise. For a nightclub or bar there is no better way to target our customers and track ROI than on digital. Absolutely no better way. The tried and true ways to market had a great track record back in the day and social media takes a lot of time; but is it giving you the results you want? It may be because you aren’t using it correctly.

Customers are constantly bombarded with digital noise. How do you slice through that noise and get your message heard? 

Be laser targeted and authentic.

Outlets like Facebook allow you to boost posts to a specific targeted demographic. As an example, you can create a birthday package special and design a fantastic image. Then boost that post to females, aged 21-25, that like a specific brand of liquor, in your geographic area, that like a specific style of music and are have a birthday this week. When their birthday passes they stop seeing the ad. Unbelievably targeted and speaks directly to that person using social media. The best part, we can see how many people saw the post, clicked on our link, and actually converted into a reservation. 

A few tips:

Know Your Target Customer - Know everything there is to know about your perfect customer. What age, where they shop, what kind of products they buy, TV shows they watch, etc. The more you know the better chance you have to connect with meaning. When they’re flying through their newsfeed you want them to stop at your post and give your promotion a shot at getting noticed. Speak to them.

Be Authentic - The days of needing professional videos and flyers are starting to diminish. People are on social media to connect with others, not be sold to. So be very real when creating your message. Imagine food images on Instagram, they are real photos taken on a phone. Selfies are real photos taken from a phone. These have massive engagement, so play within that sandbox.

Nurture Your Community - Don’t post it and forget it. As much as you want customers to see your post, those same people demand your attention, and fast. If they have a question or complaint, get on it and quick. Nurturing your community and having conversations within your posts and pages is amazing for your brand. Don’t always be selling.  Instead listen, reply, nurture and they will become your brand ambassadors.

Use Advertising Tools that are Available – Yes, Facebook has diminished your page reach. Yes, they have shareholders and want to make money. But instead of packing it in and having no decent way to advertise learn their tools and start profiting. They have created some amazing advanced ad tools that you can use for pennies. There are bars out there that have cut all other marketing costs except Facebook and Twitter ads and do extremely well. 

Take control of your marketing and your events can crush it.


Louie La Vella is a speaker, author and nightlife marketing consultant. With over 100 live concerts under his belt, hundreds of venues promoted and clients all over the world. His blog is found at http://lavel.la - You can learn more about Louie and digital marketing tools during his Nightclub & Bar session “Engagement Tools for Your Online Platform", next Tuesday at 4PM. 

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