Heineken Summer Program Invites Consumers to 'Plug Into Summer' For Amazing On-Premise Experiences

WHITE PLAINS, NY – Heineken, the number one selling European import beer in the U.S., unveiled the details of their blockbuster ‘Plug into Summer’ on-premise initiative that invites consumers to enjoy Heineken and Heineken Light through interactive music experiences that connect them to all that Heineken’s fully integrated off-the-chart “Plug into Summer” program has to offer.
Heineken Plug into Summer
Heineken’s “Plug into Summer” program combines engaging on and off-premise programming with cutting-edge brand experiences in major cities, exclusive merchandise tie-ins with partners such as Fender Guitars, heavyweight PR, digital and media activation and the hottest concert event series of the season. The unprecedented program will inspire consumers to ‘plug in’ to Heineken and Heineken Light this summer while providing on-premise operators the tools they need to ‘plug in’ to the excitement and ‘amp-up’ sales of Heineken and Heineken Light this summer.

“Summer is the season when consumers spend more time out with friends at their favorite local haunts,” said Belen Pamukoff, Channel Marketing Manager, Heineken USA. “Our goal is to enhance their summer experiences with great music and the right, ice-cold premium beer – Heineken/Heineken Light. Our blowout ‘Plug into Summer’ program has the elements to inspire consumers to seize the moment by participating with Heineken through unique in-bar applications.

Beginning in May, Heineken Lager will challenge on-premise patrons to test their music knowledge and download exclusive music content via a customized Heineken Music Challenge application on their iPod Touch. Heineken Light will invite consumers to trade up from their old standard domestic light beer to premium, ice-cold Heineken Light. Those who accept the offer will pick a card from a deck that includes a message from Heineken Light indicating the type of service enhancement the participant will receive including exclusive music downloads and bottle koozies.

State-of-the-art shot code technology, displayed on specially designed Heineken and Heineken Light 3-D table tents, allow participants to scan or text-in the code for instant access to the Heineken and Heineken Light iPod application that includes access to the Heineken Challenge and A-list music content that is sure to enhance their beer drinking experience.

“Heineken champions those who seize the moment,” added Shane Hoyne, Senior Brand Director, Heineken USA.  “Our ‘Plug into Summer’ on-premise program elements will encourage our consumers to make the most out of their summer experiences on-premise through amazing music applications and by enjoying the best tasting premium beer available.”

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