Here's to a Happy Mother's Day!

Say hi to your mother for us, because she’s a lovely lady and it’s Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate the woman who brought us into this world, a brave woman who never once told us about how challenging her pregnancy was, regaled us with tales of our difficult delivery, or shared stories of our terrible twos or teenage years. This is the 102nd year that Mother’s Day has been a nationally recognized holiday; Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day way back in 1914. The US Congress actually rejected the holiday’s proposal back in 1908, making the hackneyed joke that doing so would force them to designate a Mother-in-Law’s Day.  We’re fairly certain that attempt at being witty led to every politician’s mother telling them they weren’t mad about the joke, just disappointed.

Cards and flowers are nice but so are brunch, lunch and dinner, so Mother’s Day is the time to bust out your best spirits, come up with tasty signature cocktails, and make sure you’re ready to pop open some sparkling wines. Bubbly is for celebrating, as are bubbly-based cocktails, so get creative and come up with some beautiful, mom-friendly concoctions. You should also consider putting rose wines, Mimosas, Margaritas, and Daiquiris on your menu. And please, don’t forget to call your mother – she worries.


Mom-osa Martini - Mother's Day cocktails

The Mom-osa Martini is made with orange flavored rum, orange juice and Prosecco.

Mother's Day Bellini - Mother's Day cocktails

Also made with Prosecco is the Mother’s Day Bellini.

Disaronno Mom Mimosa - Mother's Day cocktails

Disaronno’s Mom Mimosa replaces the orange flavored rum from the Mom-osa Martini with Disaronno.

Apple of My Eye - Mother's Day cocktails

Remind your mother who her favorite is with the Apple of My Eye.

Rio Rose - Mother's Day cocktails

Skip the flowers and order your mother the Rio Rose, made with Giffard Pamplemousse Rose Liqueur and Fentimans Rose Lemonade.

RAD Rose All Day - Mother's Day cocktails

The Rosé All Day seeks to impress with edible flowers, Velvet Falernum and Billette Rosé wine.

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