Holidays on Ice: Inspire Seasonal Customers to Return All Year

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Now that the holidays are here, you’re probably seeing more faces coming through the door. Private parties, along with more people taking time off, are always great for business. But then comes the post-holiday lull. It doesn’t mean business has to be feast or famine, especially if you keep in mind that every person who walks through the door presents you with an opportunity to inspire them to return.

But since there are so many people coming in during the holidays, ask yourself what types of customers you want to attract on a regular basis. Once you’ve determined your ideal clientele, focus your efforts on engaging them in person and online. With a clear picture of the types of patrons you want to keep coming back, here are 6 ways you can attract more customers during the holidays and keep them coming back throughout the year.

Make an Impression During Private Parties

While you don’t want to crash the event, you can engage customers and the event organizer in many ways. One way is to create a special drink or dessert that’s unique to the party attendees. Also, assign designated greeters, work out an arrangement with a local taxi or limo company, and present an offer that inspires partygoers to come back another time. After the event, send a special thank you gift to the event organizer and ask if you can continue the conversation with them online through email or social media.

Challenge Employees and Customers to Reach a Fundraising Goal

There are lots of ways you can go beyond this classic approach to bringing customers and employees together for a good cause. Add a visual element to draw more attention, include a hashtag for greater awareness, and issue a challenge with various rewards, such as most likes on social media, most creative approach to fundraising, and, of course, most funds raised. The recognition can be part of a post-holiday event where you host the charity and the participants at your place and encourage attendees to check in, snap photos, tag, and post videos online.

Use a Fresh Template for Your Holiday Email

A new look is more likely to get your email opened and shared. Remember to tease out parts of your content on social media for even greater awareness.

Create Your Own Holiday

Pick a slow night and market it as your own holiday to celebrate your customers. Make it stand out with a unique theme, special drinks, and entertainment.

Present a Special Thank You Offer to VIP Customers

This can include a backstage pass or preferred seating at your New Year’s Eve party, free transportation, or table service. If you haven’t cultivated a VIP list yet, turn those ideas into a New Year’s Eve contest. For every entry, consider presenting a special token of appreciation that can be redeemed after the holidays.

Highlight Your Holiday Differentiators

When customers are deciding where to go, you want them to choose your place because they heard about an awesome holiday promotion you’re running. Get creative with special themes, entertainment, and offers that are presented only to social media fans and followers. Build your online following and set the stage for ongoing engagement after the season.

With every action you take to engage customers, you’ll want to reflect the tastes and interests of your target clientele. This includes your email and social media content as well as creating the type of experiences at your place that make an impression and inspire them to spread the word.

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