Holy Matrimony

Before finding the dress, choosing the flowers, writing the vows and agreeing to a lifelong commitment, a bride needs to unwind — to enjoy those fleeting moments of singledom before her big day. With its "One Last Fling" promotion, Excalibur nightclub in Chicago celebrates the last single days of brides-to-be every Saturday night from 8 to 10 p.m.

For $20 per person, the "One Last Fling" package includes a complimentary ticket for the guest of honor, a reserved area for each party, appetizers, two drinks per person and a bottle of Champagne for the group. Parties can upgrade their package with a personalized fantasy cake for $30, as well as opting for an open bar or bottle service.


With any gathering of unsupervised women on the prowl, it only makes sense that the entertainment feeds on those uncontrollable pheromones. This means a Vegas-style all-male dance revue performs while a DJ spins the latest in dance music. With an MC roasting the single ladies throughout the event, the women are reveling in entertainment as soon as they walk in the door.

“We have something for everyone,” says Valerie Velez, event manager at Excalibur, noting that for the past decade this female-driven bachelorette promotion has only grown — getting bigger and bigger by adding more dancers, changing the routines and having the dancers become more interactive with the guests.


“The women absolutely love it,” Velez says. “They love our dancers. They love our MCs. They have a great time,” she explains.

Velez says part of this enjoyment is because Excalibur offers more than just a couple hours of fun during the "One Night Fling" package: Women can spend the entire night in the three-storied, 60,000-square-foot club.

“You don’t have to leave; the party goes on to 5 a.m.,” she says.

Excalibur offers a party experience that caters to every woman.

“We have moms and aunts and grandmas who have just so much fun,” she says.

If you can convince a grandma to cheer on scantily clad male dancers, then you certainly have a successful promotion on your hands.

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