House Band Wines and Sonicbids Launch Wine & Music Showcase

(Santa Rosa, CA -- House Band Wines announced its official launch and musical artist promotion with Sonicbids' mission is to help create and empower an Artistic Middle Class through the use of innovative technology by allowing bands to find and connect with any type of music promoter, licensor, or broadcaster quickly and easily. House Band Wines, created by winemaker Patrick Krutz, also owner of the luxury brand Krutz Family Cellars, is sponsoring a "virtual gig" contest. Artists can submit via Sonicbids to be featured in the winery's launch campaign throughout the 2011 fall and holiday seasons. Sourced from select vineyards throughout California, House Band's wines are composed of choice lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, showing true varietal character with rich, ripe flavors.

"Our team of fanatical music fans will select six winning artists for House Band Wines to highlight during our launch, with one being chosen to showcase in front of music industry executives at our Oct. 14 'Get on the List' launch party at SIR Sound Stages in Hollywood," said Krutz. "The promotion is being featured on Sonicbids' Website and promoted to its list of 300,000 artists, promoters and venue partners. House Band Wines also will run ongoing 'Get on the List' social media contests for wine and music lovers to win tickets to our launch parties, as well as other exclusive backstage events and promotions created with our partners."

House Band Wines' "Get on the List" launch event at SIR Sound Stages is being co-promoted by Creative Furnace and A&R Worldwide, and will bring together wine trade and media, music festival producers, caterers, venue owners, and artists for an evening of tasting, networking and live music. The showcase will take place from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in SIR's Main Lounge and Sound Stage 5. From 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., guests will meet the House Band Wines team, sample wines, enjoy stellar appetizers by Chef to the Stars Frank Miller, mix with showcase artists and network for business. House Band's winning artist will then perform an opening showcase set, followed by A&R Worldwide's selected headliner to close the evening.

Longtime wine and music cross-promoter Joel Quigley of Creative Furnace is handling communications and artist relations for the brand. "Over the past two decades that I've been creating and producing wine and music events," said Quigley, "I've always felt there was a niche to be filled by a wine brand completely dialed into the music scene, especially presented at the right quality/price-point ratio and with a relevant theme for strategic cross-promotions. When Patrick approached me with the idea of House Band Wines, and I tasted them, I was onboard."

Inspiration & Vision
Krutz was inspired to create House Band Wines when some of his music industry friends lamented that they couldn't get good, consistent wines-by-the-glass for their string of music venues, and from a winery that truly connected with their audience to help grow wine sales. Patrick responded to the gig by bringing together a leadership team with the resources, experience and relationships to ensure success and to bridge the gap between the wine and music industries.

Krutz had the packaging designed to be bold, exciting and easy to read in dim light from behind the bar and have serious "pop" from retail selves. He's leveraging technology and deep relationships to create a loyal community and fan base by partnering with musical artists and venues, co-promoting through online editorial content and through strategic special events and projects. Last, but not least, he's put some heart into the brand by committing 2% of all sales to support select regional music programs and charities, "One gig at a time..."

Wine and music fans can "Get on the List" for opportunities to win tickets to the Hollywood launch party and other upcoming events, and follow our adventures and features covering our favorite musical artists, by signing up at

Contacts & Information
Venues, retailers, chefs, festival producers and others interested in featuring House Bands Wines are encouraged to contact Jennifer Tincknell of Tincknell & Tincknell at (707) 433-3671 or by email at [email protected].

Media, artists, and companies interested in partnerships are invited to contact Joel Quigley of Creative Furnace at (707) 495-0831 or email [email protected].

Tasting notes, media documents, and other trade information are available upon request and by visiting


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