How to Become Every Girlas Best Friend

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not make your bar the best friend in town? With the Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend promotion, you can work with a jeweler to offer a stunning prize to your guests — one that they’ll be dying to come in again and again to attempt to win.

Needed Supplies

1. 300-500 half-carat cubic zirconium
2. 2-3 real half-carat diamonds cut the same as the cubic zirconium
3. A large brandy snifter
4. Large jewelers tweezers, used to pick a stone from the snifter
5. Tiny envelopes to put the single picked stones in

A local jewelry store provides the cubic zirconium at cost (about $1 each) and provides or at least splits the cost of the real diamonds. For doing so, the jeweler gets mentions on the radio, their logo in your advertising and the opportunity to put fliers in your bar or nightclub. The small envelopes the women place their stones in should be stamped with the name and address of the sponsor jeweler.

Executing the Promotion
During the course the evening, the brandy snifter of diamonds is brought out. Each woman present gets to pick a stone from the brandy snifter and place it in a envelope with the jewelers name and address. Chances to pick a stone can be managed by giving a ticket out at the door to assure each woman only picks once.

The women bring the stones into the jeweler to see if they are real or not. If it is Cubic Zirconium, they can turn it in for a discount in the store, or keep it.

You can run this promotion once a week for eight to 12 weeks (or as long as you desire) to help build word of mouth and also increase guest loyalty.

The property builds a female audience, which grows each week. The jewelry store picks up considerable customer traffic.

The cubic zirconium and diamond costs, when accrued over the eight to 12 weeks of the promotion, become approximately $100-200 per week, based upon the level of participation by the jeweler.


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