Inspired Promotion Planner

Promotions, promotions, promotions! Be prepared — we’re about to bombard you with a lot of information on the how-tos, the when-tos and the not-tos of planning a promotion. Before you dive headfirst into the issue, take a look at this promotion planner and make mental notes of days around which you might like to build into an event. Then use the tips we provide throughout the issue as you get started on your path to promo perfection.

August 16
National Rum Day
Showcase the spirit in luxurious, creative cocktails. Need ideas? Check out

August 17
Clinton’s “Meaning of ‘is’ is” Anniversary
Feature a lie-telling contest to see who’s the most believable patron at your bar.

August 20
National Men’s Grooming Day
Pair up with a local barbershop or salon for a giveaway, or host a charity head-shaving event. You’re sure to draw a crowd and rake in cash for a good cause!

August 25
National Whiskey Sour Day

August 26
Women’s Equality Day

August 29
Michael Jackson Birth Anniversary (1958)

National Bourbon Heritage Month
Show off the country’s spirit by featuring bourbon cocktails throughout the month.

September 3
National Lazy Moms Day
Welcome those mothers who need a break! Invite them in for a day (or evening) of sipping on cocktails created just for them. Bonus: They can even wear their PJs!

September 6
Labor Day
Celebrate the end of summer with creative season-ender drinks, coming soon to

September 11
Patriot Day

September 12
Video Games Day
You have all those electronic video games in your bar — use them to your advantage! Host a tournament! Or why not bring in a Wii (or two), and watch as guests hilariously compete in tennis, bowling and hula hooping.

September 16
Mexico’s Independence Day — 200th Anniversary

September 19-25
Turnoff Week
Encourage guests to turn off their cell phones and get back to basics by enjoying the people around them. You can turn off (or at least down) too — why not turn down the lighting and hire a live band over canned music?

September 22
First Day of Autumn

September 25
National One-Hit Wonder Day
Hire a DJ to play the most notorious one-hit wonders ever, from Tony Basil’s “Mickey” to Los del Rio’s “Macarena.”

September 26
TV Premiere Bonanza
On this day over the years, a number of wildly successful shows debuted, including “The Beverly Hillbillies” (1962), “Gilligan’s Island” (1964), “Hawaii Five-O” (1968), “The Brady Bunch” (1969) and “Knight Rider” (1982). Host a costume or look-a-like party — bonus points to the guests dressed in groups (that means more people at your bar and more money spent!).

September 27
Samuel Adams Birth Anniversary (1722)

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