iPads as Promotional Tools - Go for It!

This blog focus is centered on trends/events in music, DJs and nightclub promotion and operation. So, let’s get started….
Technology…it’s everywhere. Today, with over 15 million iPads sold worldwide, we’re witnessing an increasing dialogue of F&B operators who are using the iPad as a part of their marketing and sales process, which many tech-savvy patrons are finding both useful and entertaining. One example is the Converge iPad wine list. check it out here and here

For the creative DJ, there are several DJ iPad apps for producing and mixing music as well….
Here’s just one example: MIDI Touch is a new app for the iPad that lets you design your own ultimate MIDI controller, by placing knobs, sliders and other controls onto the screen wherever you want. According to the developers, MIDI Touch lets you send MIDI over Wi-fi with latency as low as 2-5ms and via compatible MIDI hardware devices with near-zero latency, using the Camera Connection Kit. MIDI Touch sells for $17.99. Here is a demo.

Want to weave the iPad into your social media? You might consider this idea from our buddy, text marketing guru Mile Lamb, at Opt It.com in Chicago. I began working with Optit.com and successfully using text message direct marketing 4 years ago with my clients.
The first step in text messaging is to get your clientele signed up for your “Insider” text messaging service. To that end, I’ve created promotions where participants are encouraged to fill out an entry form for a prize drawing which includes the option of providing their cell number.
Sooo, why not have folks register and then give away an iPad?
What to do: Purchase an iPad w/Wi-fi capabilities for $500. Get your crew involved, talking about the promo to patrons, friends, etc. Select a manager, hostess or server to carry the iPad to patrons who want to sign up for your Insider text message program. Instead of signing up on a paper form, show/demonstrate how easy and fun it is to sign up on the iPad.
Set a goal of 300, 400 or 500 people signed up. Then spend the next 3 or 4 weeks building your list, and conclude the promo with a drawing of those who participated by giving the iPad to a lucky guest. Better yet, give away two!
It’s “Gorilla Marketing 101” and everybody Wins !! Iin the end, you’ve created a direct pipeline to most of your patrons. Now, you can communicate weekly for just a few hundred dollars instead of spending thousands on the radio and other mass media. Yeah, I love my social media…
Til next time, remember this universal concept: “People Support What They Help To Create!”


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