It's Getting Hot in Here! Happy National Hot Sauce Day!

Image Source: The Washington Times

Happy National Hot Sauce Day! The time has come to celebrate one hot condiment: hot sauce. Whether it’s used to make Buffalo wings, heat up a Bloody Mary, or spice up a snack or meal, hot sauce has proven to be a versatile condiment.

Massachusetts has special cause to be proud today, as one of the first bottled hot sauces available commercially appeared in the state in the year 1807. Most hot sauce brands from the 1800s went the way of the dodo but one very well-known brand showed up in 1868 and has gone strong ever since. It goes by the name Tabasco and, as of 2010, it claims the number 13 spot for most popular condiments in America. Another famous hot sauce claims falls at number 12: Frank’s RedHotOf course, if you really want to add some heat to something and you're looking to use a product that's "hot" right now, there's always Sriracha sauce. Regardless of the brand, regardless of the recipe, the chili pepper (regardless of variety) is the common ingredient. So, in effect, today is a celebration of the chili pepper, in all its varieties and levels of heat. 

Being that today is National Hot Sauce Day, consider offering a Bloody Mary or an entire Bloody Mary menu that uses Tabasco, Frank’s RedHot (or other hot sauces) to your guests. You can also put delicious Buffalo wings on the menu, along with these 2 food recipes from our extensive database.


The Best Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce will appeal to your more health-conscious, vegetarian, or vegan guests. Of course, you can make a version that carnivores will like with the addition of meat.

Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo “Wings” are made with Frank’s RedHot and are a tasty alternative to traditional Buffalo wings.


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