It's Ladies' Night

Women are constantly faced with the age-old question, “Can women really have it all?” Although often-debated, it seems that Chicago bar, Glenview House, is helping women truly have it all with its “Oh Yes it’s Ladies Night.” This new promotion invites women to enjoy the summer nights with “skinny” cocktails and some light fare, followed by a nightcap at the Whiskey Lounge.

Ladies Night, which launches tonight, didn’t initially start out as an all-female promotion.  Chef Grant Slauterbeck explains that it was “my original intention to do an event in mid-July that was outdoors and involved grilling food.” And as we are all know there are certain connotations when grilling comes to mind. “I believe too many times we associate the grill with men exclusively. I then thought let’s flip it up a bit and have the ladies out for a cocktail party” he says.

Though ladies' nights aren’t generally in The Glenview House’s wheelhouse, as it’s popularly known as a craft beer bar with a focus on whisky, feeling out the promotion and its success will determine if they continues to host ladies' night for weekly get-togethers. “It will depend quite a bit on the overall vibe of the party, as well as the response,” states Slauterbeck. 

“We are really looking forward to a wonderful evening and hope that it only grows from here,” Slauterbeck continues. “It doesn’t get too much better than sitting outside eating delicious food and enjoying wonderful spirits with the company of friends.” The women attendees will also “have more than ample opportunity to order and try some [whiskey],” by ending the evening with a nightcap in the Whiskey Lounge.

Slauterbeck had no problem building the promotion. “When planning a ladies' night, I simply defer to the expert, my wife,” he says.

Her advice convinced Slauterbeck to capitalize on the “skinny” cocktail craze by offering Glenview House’s stirred and shaken “skinny” cocktails including the refreshing Skinny Santini; house-made Sangria mixed with Skinny Girl Vodka.

“The drinks were easy,” he explains, “in that everyone is drinking ‘skinny’ cocktails nowadays, and this is a very good one.” Additionally, “I wanted to keep the food light, grilled and very flavorful,” he continues, which is why the menu includes Vietnamese Chicken Skewers with spicy Asian mustard, Sweet and Sour Shrimp and Mongolian Beef Tenderloin Skewers with yuzu glaze.

 “Promoting to women is essential to the well-being of our restaurant. When you have a ‘neighborhood’ restaurant, the neighborhood should be the focus,” he says. Slauterbeck definitely saw the opportunity of a ladies' night as a smart way to engage the women customers. “Who better than to talk about and keep our name always buzzing? The ladies of Glenview.”

Of course, it’s a woman’s world, after all.

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