Itas Time To Get Happy!

National Happy Hour For your hard working patrons here’s nothing quite like a good cocktail or beer at the end of a long day. And today they will be looking to spend their hard earned dollars at the best spot in town. Even more reason for them to celebrate today? It’s National Happy Hour Day!

Happy Hour actually has its roots in the Navy. It was used as a slang term in reference to the period of time scheduled for on-ship entertainment; “happy” meaning slightly tipsy. Then during Prohibition speakeasies adopted the term for the period of time that customers came in prior to dinner for the consumption of illegal cocktails.

Today, Happy Hour is a popular time that bars and restaurants should capitalize on. They have the ability to capture extra dollars from the after work crowd as well as the before dinner crowd with specials and discounts.

There are still rules and regulations that restrict discounts on liquor in specific states however that doesn’t mean that you cannot lure customer into your bar. Instead of giving a discount on a specialty cocktail offer up half priced appetizers or 25 cent wings.

In addition to the traditional Happy Hour, usually early afternoon, Late Night Happy Hours have also become popular among the Millennial generation. Need some help developing and executing awesome Happy Hours? Check out some of these tips:

Stick to the Basics During Happy Hour Happy Days Are Here Again
Happy Hours Are Hoppin’ Making Happy Hour Downright Ecstatic



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