July 4th Sparks Creative Promotions

One of the most anticipated summer holidays that draws in celebratory crowed for the long weekend is just over a week away! This year owners have the tough decision of deciding when to host their big promotions since the 4th of July falls on a Thursday. 

“We always struggle when holidays fall midweek,” explains Andy Hersch, owner of Gramercy Management Group, which manages and operates nightlife at the Hard Rock San Diego. “We struggle about when to have the party and what we want to do,” but the benefit of this year’s celebration is that it “gives most people a four-day weekend.”

Intervention pool party at The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is taking its weekend staple, the Intervention pool party, and expanding it for a massive two-day event for the holiday. On Saturday, July 5, Redfoo and Party Rock Anthem will perform with duo Cosmic Gate performing the next day. Additionally, the hotel is offering a room package VIP with access to the weekend event. “I think it helps us this year, because it gives people an extra opportunity to celebrate beyond a backyard barbecue,” Hersch says.

But Pablo Aguilar, GM of Side Bar, also in San Diego, says there are downsides to a 4th of July party. “It’s not like Memorial Day or Labor Day, or even Halloween,” he says. “In San Diego, people tend to go to the beach, so what we see generally is a concentration of people coming out the night before or the night of [the holiday].”

Side Bar is hosting a 4th of July Industry Night on Wednesday, July 3, a party on Thursday, as well as its regular weekend parties. Although the venue normally has parties on these days, it’s expected to go bigger for the holiday.  Aguilar is hoping people will still want to party for the long weekend without getting burnt out.

Because Side Bar doesn’t have as big of a budget as some of the bigger venues in San Diego Aguilar relies “on our staff and their ability to promote.” A strong social media campaign coupled with well-trained staff works for Side Bar. “It does the trick for us,” Aguilar says. “Heavy promoting from staff is how we compete.”

Hersch says the competition during the 4th of July can pose some challenges, but he has the ability to book the best talent in town. “The demand for talent always goes up [for the 4th of July],” he says. “Everyone is fighting for all the big names on the holiday weekend,” and because Las Vegas clubs are also seeking that top talent for the holiday weekend, Hersch is put in competition with Sin City. “It makes it a little more difficult,” he says, “but we have relationship with all the top talent.”

“For us, [July 4th] is great. It’s an extended week. It’s a celebration for everybody,” Hersch says. “It gives us the opportunity to provide for our crowd and do extra things. It’s a happy holiday and people want to have fun.”

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