Keeping Nightlife Vibrant With Successful Promotions

Maintaining a core nightclub crowd isn’t easy. Creative brainstorming and a long-term planning need to be in place in order to run promotions that drive traffic to your venue on a regular basis. And yet nightclub promotions come in all forms, from those planned 90 days in advance to more one-off, quickly assembled promotions like having a sexy shoe or little black dress promotion. No matter the size or location of your club, with proper planning, you can pull off not only a great promotion, but one that will be talked about for years to come.

At the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show, Robert Casillas, president of the Monsoon Group, and Kalika Moquin, marketing director for the Light Group, both based in Las Vegas, led a discussion on profitable nightclub promotions during their "Promo Powerhouse: High Impact Promotions to Implement Now" session. Here are some promo ideas and smart nightclub advice from Casillas and Moquin on how to run profitable promotions at your venue.

Robert Casillas

• For a promotion to really work, you need to create a solid team.
• Even if you plan a great promotion, you have to get people to show up. That’s why establishing relationships with local writers and bloggers is imperative in creating an atmosphere of excitement around your club. Have them write stories about your promotion and also run ads on their sites; this will drive traffic.
• Get your liquor reps involved in supporting and marketing your promotional nights (complying with regulations, of course).
• You need to be planning a promotion 30 days out of your event.
• Types of promotions that can work for your club: Rally Parties, List parties like Top 30 under 30 and Celebrity appearances. Remember that throwing a Top Promoter party is a good thing for your club; it plays to the promoter’s ego. If you put his name on a flyer, then he’ll come and bring a crowd.
• Industry nights are key, especially if you want to be a successful club.
• Run promotions around Facebook such as “Hottest Girl or Guy on Facebook.” You then have people voting on your Facebook page, as well as navigating the links on your own website to vote via Facebook.
• Take care of the women, and the men will follow.
• No matter how well you use your social media, human interaction is, first and foremost, the best way to establish relationship with your clientele. Remember: Genuine human contact creates value.

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