Lead in to Summer With Memorial Day Cocktails

Holidays come and go seemingly in an instant. Yet, some celebrations are so memorable that the extra time and effort it takes to make them stand out is worth the payoff. Memorial Day is one of those holidays. The anticipation for the long weekend, the lead-in to the summer and its historical significance has people coming out in droves. At your bar or club, be more than just another patriotic place on the block. Mix things up by offering red, white and blue drinks, ultimately preparing a cocktail list that will pay homage to our forefathers and mothers while satiating your patrons' thirst.

Decoration DayDecoration Day
Courtesy of Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur.

1½ oz. Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
1½ oz. banana liqueur
1 oz. pineapple juice
1 dash bitters
1 splash of lemon lime soda

Combine Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, banana liqueur, pineapple juice and bitter over ice and stir. Garnish for the holiday.


Courtesy of Lucid Absinthe.

¼ oz. Lucid Absinthe a


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