Living the High Life with Vegas VIP

Vegas VIPPlanning a trip to Las Vegas can be harrowing, especially for novices unfamiliar with the city. Most visitors don’t know where to stay, eat or go clubbing, and for operators, it can be just as distressing trying to get new faces in their establishments. That’s where Vegas VIP, a Las Vegas management company specializing in group event planning, comes in.

By building relationships with clubs and restaurants, such as Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Tryst, XS and more, Michael Tomes, vice president of Vegas VIP, always is making sure guests are indulging in the full Vegas experience.

Tomes has been in this business for seven years, and from bachelor/bachelorette party packages and divorce parties to guests who want to emulate the guys from “The Hangover,” Tomes and his team cater to each guest's individual desires when planning a wild Vegas weekend.

“Typically, if someone’s trying to do it on their own, they have to figure it out on their own. Just because it’s a group of girls that doesn’t mean they won’t have to wait,” Tomes says.

That's why when it comes to setting up a night out, Tomes and his team do most of the heavy lifting.

“We’re able to bring people to the clubs we think are best, and the ones we have great relationships with and offer us great deals,” he says.

“I usually tell people [to plan] at least a month ahead of time.” From there, Tomes will offer packages highlighting the best clubs and restaurants on The Strip. Then, “I email reservations to the heads of each nightclub group,” knowing what he has to spend to get what he wants for his clients. On the day of the event, a host from the company goes with the clients, making sure everything from the reservations to table service to limo service are running smoothly.

For owners and operators, Tomes brings in people who may not have been aware of what’s hot in Vegas.

For example, Gordon Biersch often works with Vegas VIP and offers a variety of packages at different prices to guests including a two-hour-long unlimited beer and wine package, which General Manager David Vincent says is great for bachelor parties. Packages generally range from $14 to $65 a person and most are open to the general public. Vegas VIP will give Vincent and his team a two-week heads up before a large group is set to arrive, allowing Vincent ample time to staff accordingly.

Vegas VIP

Michael Tomes and his team at Vegas VIP plan extravagant nights out for guests looking for a true Las Vegas experience.

Even though Gordon Biersch is on the main Vegas strip, many tourists overlook it, but because of its relationship with Vegas VIP, the exposure the brand receives continues to increase, proving having a company like Vegas VIP on your side is important for growing business.

“They’re bringing groups of anywhere between six guys to 22 guys. I’m saying [we have] at least two to three parties a week,” Vincent explains. “[Guests] come from out of state or out of town, and it’s their first exposure to the brand. That sort of thing builds new relationships with new potential guests,” especially because there are 29 Gordon Biersch breweries throughout the United States.

Vegas VIP helps Gordon Biersch capture a particular business segment that they don’t always go after. In fact, Vincent credits Vegas VIP for not only putting them on the map but also highlighting the brewery as a Vegas staple.

“We love our relationship with [Vegas VIP]. They continue to give us more business,” Vincent declares. “Summertime is the hurtful time so it’s always an advantage to get those parties each week; it’s great revenue for us.”

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