Making Point-of-Sale Materials Actually SELL!

They’re called point-of-sale (POS) materials for a reason: They play a key role in selling the products or programs your bar or club is showcasing. More often than not, table tents, banners, buttons and coasters simply take up space. Want to make them work harder? Following are seven ways to make your POS materials do their jobs correctly.

Design for the concept. Although they help to reinforce a concept, we often see POS materials that look nothing like the restaurant/bar/grill environment we’re in. Do you want the materials in front of your guest to say high-end/high-quality, “Mom n’ Pop” or value? POS materials should reinforce your message.

Not everything can be “signature.” How can a bar have 25 "signature" drinks? Tweaking a Cosmo doesn't make it a signature beverage. Highlighting 25 signature drinks, rather than just three or four, dilutes the opportunity to sell truly unique drinks at a premium price.

Promote what you want to sell. Do you really need to put an Apple Martini or Lemon Drop on a drink list or table tent? Only if they’re compellingly different from those sold by your competition! If your usual fare is run-of-the-mill, you’re wasting space and your guests’ time. Consumers have a short attention span — do you want them wasting mind space on a drink they potentially would order anyway?

Photos! Not all locations are appropriate for photos, but use them whenever possible! Photos sell. Most consumers are not savvy enough to know that the mixture of Baileys, Goldschläger and butterscotch tastes like an oatmeal cookie. When you are unable to use photos, try to make a drink's name reflect its taste, i.e., Oatmeal Cookie. If you are using photos, pick out the drinks that have the best color, garnish and glassware combo. A cola with liquor is not what you want to showcase. Approximately 75% of the drinks on your menu/table tent will be sold to women, so the “prettier” the drink, the more you will sell.

Design with personality. Half the battle to having POS materials work is to get people to look at them! Pictures help, but so does a great eye-catching design. If you are tuned into the local community, add famous quotes from your regulars or reviews on the drinks you’re featuring. Promote local sports teams you sponsor by putting the team photo on your drink POS material. A photo of nine guys in their baseball uniforms posing with colorful Martinis on your Martini panel/section/table tent definitely will get attention.

Print costs. Consumers tell us they’d feel more comfortable ordering a second or third drink if they knew its cost. Print prices on menus whenever possible.

Do a drive by. If you are trying to deliver a single message, such as Happy Hour, and you’re promoting it via a table tent, try walking by the tables quickly. Do you see a single message or “hook” simply by walking by? Think of your tables as a billboard. You only have a few seconds to promote your message. If you have 10 fantastic things going on for Happy Hour, but $3 drafts are the driver, make them stand out. If you want to highlight all of the 10 items, focus on your headline: 10 REASONS OUR HAPPY HOUR IS THE BEST!

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