Men: Suit Up and Go Out

Girls’ nights out get all the attention, but sometimes it’s the men that need to be pampered, ultimately experiencing the finer things in life. And why shouldn’t men get to enjoy custom-made suits, smooth Scotch and finely rolled cigars?

The management at Park Avenue Tavern in Manhattan understands that question and answered it by teaming up with high-end brands to promote its newPark Avenue bar Lifestyle Series, kicking off with “Suit Up” March 19-20.

“A light went on in my head,” explains Eugene Brennan, co-owner of Park Avenue Tavern. After one of his regular patrons mentioned that his tailor in Bangkok was making a special trip to the United States — a trip Crown Tailors & Suitmakers makes only a couple of times a year — Brennan knew he had to take advantage.

Brennan hopes by hosting this event, Park Avenue Tavern will be exposed to new patrons while simultaneously creating a special event at an affordable price for its VIP clientele.

The renowned tailors in Bangkok will be crossing the globe and doing the custom suit fittings in Park Avenue Tavern’s downstairs Barrel Room. Along with custom suits, the men will be able to enjoy Scotch tastings, cigar rolling and shoe shinings.

“The first Scotch will be on the house, as well as a couple pilsners,” Brennan says.

Brennan wanted to host a gentleman’s afternoon (and night) out, creating a narrative about Park Avenue Tavern to get people talking.

“It’s a great story,” Brennan says. “You leave with a great suit … And months from now when you’re at a wedding, you can say this tailor from Bangkok” made you a custom suit at a restaurant, he says.

“You can’t get much more masculine than this,” he continues.

To get started, Brennan wanted to treat his regular patronage, so he sent out a mass email to Park Avenue’s loyal customer base; within a few days, things started to come together, with Brennan filling in appointments from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for suit fittings.

Men attending the event can choose from three levels of fabric at different costs to make different suits: the rookie, the executive and the CEO. Each suitPark Avenue couches hits a different price point, with the least expensive suit costing $350, going up to $1,150.

The point, Brennan says, is to make guests feel like VIPs, bringing men to Park Avenue Tavern to spend the day getting fitted for a suit and stay into the night to enjoy the restaurant’s food and drink specials. Part of the allure, Brennan says, is treating men to something they’ve never had before, which inspired future Lifestyle events.

Brennan plans to bring in stylists from John Allan’s, a full-service men’s club where members get haircuts, a shave or a manicure while drinking beers, relaxing and hanging out. At Park Avenue Tavern, men can “get a haircut while they’re having a Scotch or a nice beer.”

Brennan said that cross-promoting these events with well-known and elite companies means two brands are coming together to make the day special for their clients.

“It’s a great day, and we’re really excited,” Brennan says, noting he’s in contact every other day with clients, helping build the excitement and treating his patrons to something they’ve never seen before.

“We love people to hang out. We build business that way,” he says. “For the most part, it’s getting guys together for a great afternoon out.”

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