National Cheese Lovers Day is Here!

Image Source: PBS

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day!

Today is for lovers. Cheese lovers, that is. There are literally hundreds of types of cheese spanning multiple flavors, styles, textures, aromas, processes, and ages produced by several countries. The milk used in these cheeses can come from several different animals: cows, goats, sheep and buffalo. The color of cheese can range from almost white to yellow to red, and the list of ingredients that can be added to blocks of cheese is close to endless. Some cheese features berries, some feature herbs, and some of them even have rinds soaked in wine. This all means one thing for you: tons of incredible pairings with wine, beer, spirits and cocktails to draw in large crowds of cheese lovers.

Tomorrow, Thursday the 21st, the White House celebrates Big Block of Cheese Day. Now, this holiday hasn’t been celebrated on a consistent basis but it does have roots that are close to 200 hundred years old. A 1,400-pound block of cheese was lugged into the main foyer of the White House on February 22, 1837, on orders of President Jackson. The massive block of cheddar cheese was hauled in for an open house to which thousands of citizens and Jackson’s staff were invited. During the open house, the president, his staff and his guests discussed the issues of the day while carving themselves pieces of cheese. This year’s Big Block of Cheese Day is virtual in nature but there’s no reason you can’t bring in a brick, block or wheel of cheese (more reasonably sized, of course) and encourage your guests to have a nibble.

Here are some of our favorite recipes from our extensive database that feature cheese. Enjoy!

Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup uses sharp cheddar cheese, beer and bacon.

This recipe for Queso Fundido al Tequila was created by chef, restaurateur and author Rick Bayless.

Today is the perfect time to try out The Appleton, The Birchwood, The Flatiron, The Bavaria, The State Fair or the Fancy Grilled Cheese with a Fried Egg, elevated grilled sandwiches.

These Irish Nachos feature Guinness cheddar cheese sauce.


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