Nightclub Promotions that Increase Traffic and Customer Loyalty

The Sayers Club Las Vegas

Nightclub promotions are all about increasing traffic and customer loyalty. In order for that to happen, owners and operators need to create and sell a unique experience.  Something that The Sayers Club at SLS Las Vegas is taking to new height.

This Thursday The Sayers Club will present a brand new weekly event called ‘White Label Thursdays,’ a unique, DJ-driven concept that pays homage to the true heritage of DJ culture. In contrast to the completely digital setup predominantly used across today’s nightlife landscape, White Label Thursdays revives the roots of this nearly forgotten subculture by providing an eclectic soundtrack of breaks, classic hip hop, funk, soul and reggae combined with a unique style of mixing and scratching techniques.

Every Thursday, The Sayers Club will feature an open-format playlist specially crafted by the night’s music headliner. Each week will bring something new as guests witness live, one-of-a-kind sets featuring the layered talents of DJs in their purest form. DJ Spair, co-founder of the powerhouse DJ group Oakland Faders, will focus on strictly vinyl performances and curate a weekly roster of guest turntablists who will have the option to play on an analog or digital turntable setup.

Bridging the gap between old and new by combining the use of classic vinyl records and 45’s with new school turntable technology and sampling techniques, White Label Thursdays allows two artists to spin side-by-side, feeding off of one-another to simultaneously create the soundtrack of the night.

If you want your nightclub to succeed then you are going to implement unique marketing and promotions programs like this.  There are many different promotions and methods that can be used; however the most important thing is to ensure solid execution that ensures more traffic.


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