Nightclubs Generate ONLY 40% of Possible Sales. Whereas the Rest Going?

To understand why so many sales are being lost in Nightclubs, one first needs to understand why Nightclub servers actually need to work 10X harder than restaurant servers. Look at this quick comparison:

  • In an average restaurant, if a server is 10ft away from a customer, they are likely to hear them. In a Nightclub, at an average noise level over 125 decibels, it’s more likely to hear a jackhammer than a human voice.
  • In a restaurant, paths to customers don’t have loiterers. In a Nightclub, crowded paths are the norm.
  • In a restaurant, even with dim lighting, servers can see customers and take orders clearly. Nightclubs, on the contrary, are filled with near darkness and strobe lights, making everything difficult to see.

This list of environmental difficulties for Nightclub servers goes on and on.

Additionally, Nightclubs now deal with a unique generation known as Millennials. According to a recent study conducted by Microsoft, this generation of 80 million in the USA is responsible for reducing the human attention span to a level lower than that of a goldfish. So how many drink orders may be lost when the average attention span is now only 8 seconds?

Surprisingly enough, the way to overcome this is by focusing on simplifying communication.

Ironically, simplifying communication in a Nightclub Environment is not so simple.

For example, if a Nightclub is thinking the best way for simplifying communication is to place the entire menu on an average 5-inch smartphone screen, that’s fine for customers ordering takeout at home on their futon, but disastrous in a Nightclub.

Consider some general realities of menu ordering. The average Nightclub has dozens of liquor brands making literally 100’s of possible mixed drinks. Now consider that Millennials are accustomed to customizing everything. Think custom music playlists, custom phone cases, custom ringtones, custom photo filters, custom pretty much everything. We can likely blame this on Burger King®, which raised the Millennial generation with the motto, “Have it your way”.

Let’s consider a Millennial’s viewpoint when ordering a simple, classic, basic margarita using a menu system on a tiny smartphone screen (for margarita experts, the list would be longer).

  1. Finding the option for a margarita.
  2. What type and brand of tequila?
  3. What type and brand of Cointreau?
  4. (Blame it on James Bond) Shaken or stirred?
  5. On the rocks or not?
  6. With or without salt?

So we can agree that mobile menu ordering is unnatural and definitely not a SIMPLE communication.

Still, the fact remains, communicating with a phone is a natural process for Millennials. Pew Research found that the average Millennial sends 88 text messages per day. Twitter has made them accustomed to getting to the point with 140 characters or less.

But it’s not as simple as merely offering text messaging in a Nightclub. 

In a Nightclub environment, a communication technology needs to overcome 5 key elements:

  1. Ultra-simple to use
  2. Highly secure
  3. Easy to integrate
  4. Require no infrastructure
  5. Can’t be manipulated by customers or staff

Addressing all 5 of these key elements has been impossible, until recently.

A Miami, Florida company called Creating Revolutions has spent 3 years and millions of dollars building a solution uniquely designed for Nightclubs. Their Touch & Discover™ technology is based on 11 patents that make it the first in history to simplify and improve Patron-Server communication. It’s the first product of its kind which requires near zero infrastructure. That means it does not require recharging and does not get plugged in, yet lasts up to 10 years. It’s the first to function without Wifi or Internet, yet it communicates nearly anywhere. It’s the first technology to use the ultimate in privacy, known as Quantum Security. That’s just three of nearly a dozen “firsts” that this technology has accomplished in assisting Nightclubs to capture more revenue.

Creating Revolutions server solution - Product watch

When fully implemented, this communication technology not only addresses the 60% of missed sales, but also increases sales on top of that. During a 6-month commercial pilot, this technology was able to increase sales by 32%. Remarkably, the product costs less than $1 per day.

This company demonstrates a great example of how truly innovative technologies can radically increase the bottom line of Nightclubs today.

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