Orange County Register: Tiki Culture Takes Over 320 Main

From Orange County Register:

Cocktail lovers donned their tiki finest for some retro rum cocktails.

The Great Tiki Throwdown took over 320 Main on Monday, highlighting the great beverages that flourished in the '40s and '50s at places like Trader Vic's and Don the Beachcomber. And, no surprise since this is 320 Main, even the bar food stood out as much more than something to sop up the alcohol.

As hosts and guest bartenders Matt Robold a.k.a Rum Dood and Kelly Merrel of Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Hotel furiously shake, blend and garnish their concoctions, I grab a couple hot dogs. On tiki night, 320′s usual chic menu is set aside in favor of simpler fare, namely a classic hot dog, veggie chorizo dog and kimchi-topped, bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Each starts with a bun that's got the consistency of a French roll, perfect for catching the generous toppings.

The veggie chorizo dog is dressed simply with ketchup and mustard. The sausage itself isn't going to fool meat eaters, but it's not bad. The sweet piquancy is set off well by the ketchup and mustard, and the soft texture actually is reminiscent of chorizo.

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