Pants-less Profits


“We first came up with the idea for the promotion when I noticed that a local comedy improve group did a ‘no pants subway ride,’ in New York City. Twelve-hundred people showed up on a snowy day in January and rode the subway with no pants. So we [said], ‘That looks like fun, let’s try it in the club,’” says Pacha’s director of promotions Rob Fernandez. So on April 24, Pacha, NYC’s 30,000-square-foot nightclub, held its inaugural No Pants Party.

Guests had two options for the pants-less soiree: They could either pay $30 to come in fully clothed, or they could check their pants at the door and the night was free.

“We had girls in their underwear at the door convincing customers to take their pants off,” Fernandez says. “It was quite a funny sight to see a guy in a suit [jacket] and tie and his underwear.”

Even the staff — numbering more than 100 that night — got in on the action.

“We let our security wear shorts,” laughs Fernandez. “There’s something undignified about a bouncer involved in a situation and he’s in his underwear.”

The club made up for that night’s loss of the door charge in sheer attendance numbers, spurred by its prevalent advertising. The effort included e-mail blasts and fliers handed out in Times Square. Plus, the evening’s DJ, Mark Knight, even did a photo shoot sans pants in the United Kingdom before coming over to the States for the event.

The profits and entertainment value combined made the evening a success. “We already have No Pants 2010 marked on our calendar,” Fernandez says. “I can see this being an annual event and growing each year.”

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