Profitable Promotions: Tips for Running a Great Beer Promo

Here at Nightclub & Bar, we’re gearing up for the launch of our new e-newsletter NCB Promo Power, which will feature expert advice and promotion ideas for your bar or nightclub. An important factor in running a successful operation is creating promotions that get people through the door. Why not use what likely is your best-selling product — beer! It’s the largest segment of the alcohol industry, and one that offers variety. Take a look at these beer promotions, and check out and our August issue for more promotion tips on everything from selling wine by the glass to marketing alcohol-free cocktails to running sports promotions all year round. But more importantly, don’t forget to sign up for Promo Power here and keep sending us your best promotions at [email protected].


You have huge amounts of beers on tap and even more in bottles, but how can you get them moving through the tap lines or out of the cooler? Offer variety, says Brad Horner, manager of premier accounts and corporate mixologist for MarkeTeam Inc., the Mission Viejo, Calif.-based sales promotion agency. “There are tons of beer brands out there that will fit your concept. Make sure you end up with a healthy selection that will appeal to different tastes,” rather than offering five kinds of a similar-style beer, he says.

Beer Promotions

Some Other Dos and Don’ts:
• Do organize a “Mug Club” for your loyal guests in which regulars get discounts, awards or recognition, says Mark Vidano, vice president of operations for MarkeTeam.. “Reinforce this ‘community’ through golf tournaments, softball games and Mug-Club-only events,” he suggests.
• Don’t just promote cheap beer — offer value. Have an upscale or craft-beer-focused spot? Try a beer pairing dinner with information from a local brewer or the bar manager on why each beer pairs well with each style of food.
• At the same time, do know your audience. If you’re not a serious beer bar, then your best bet is to offer discounts on beer, Vidano says. “A place that’s not really known for having a wide selection of beer or having a beer-centric concept probably won’t get credit or noticed for doing something [creative] around beer.” For those who are, though, drive traffic through interesting monthly features or by offering rare styles of beer.
• Do create something beyond the beer itself, like beer cocktails, and highlight them on the menu, the chalkboard, through bartender suggestion and in promotional programs.
• Don’t forget about your distributor. “They can coordinate getting a brewer in for a special event, POP to help promote and even help start your promo with some of their employees attending,” explains Vidano.

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