Promotional Brainstorming That Works

brainstorming promotional ideas

When it comes to planning profitable promotions, standing out in the chaos of the hospitality industry is challenging. Therefore, tapping into your staffs’ creative energy is an important element in generating new ideas and creating top-notch promotions.  

Promotions are a team sport. Fresh and creative approaches can lead the way to your next big event or marketing campaign. Therefore, organizing brainstorming meetings with your staff is a great way to get the backup and support needed to create promotions that are meaningful to customers.

To create a productive brainstorming meeting with your staff, keep in mind the following elements:

Diversity Among Staff
When inviting staff to a brainstorming meeting make sure to involve someone from each aspect of the venue (i.e. bartender, chef, server, hosts, marketer, etc). A meeting comprised of a well-rounded staff will help attack a promotion idea from all angles to give you a better perspective.

Take a Step Back  
What have you done in the past, and what were the results? Also research the competition. Again, what are they doing now, and what was successful for them in the past? Understanding this information will help your team to come up with more creative ideas.

Sources of Inspiration
To get the ball rolling start with something tangible, such as the most popular dish on the menu or an upcoming holiday and set a time limit for each person at the meeting to provide three ideas to enhance, promote and/or sell this item. After everyone has contributed, the group can discuss the pros and cons of every idea generated.

Narrow and Focus
Embrace your niche and feed your differentiating factors. What promotions will best represent and appeal to your customers.  Once the list is narrowed to the top ideas think about execution.  What promotions on the list are you able to seamlessly develop and execute? Once these questions are answered focus on the most practical and profitable.

No one said it was easy but putting in the leg work and conducting brainstorming sessions that work will lead to success. 


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