Promotional Planning Guide a April 2014

April Promo Calendar

Winter is almost over and spring will soon be in full bloom! So, finish up the spring cleaning and get your bar prepared for the seasonal change. When the sun finally makes its triumphant return, it’s no secret that people want to be out and about. Therefore, make the ever so difficult decision of where to go a little easier for your customers by creating some profitable spring promotions and events. Here we’ve provided you with a list of holidays in April so that you can capitalize on more than just Easter.

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National Humor Month

April 1
April Fool’s Day

April 5
National Caramel Day

April 7
World Health Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day
National Beer Day

April 12
Grill Cheese Sandwich Day

April 13
Scrabble Day

April 19
Amaretto Day

April 20
Food Day

April 22
Earth Day

April 26
National Pretzel Day 

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