Promotions that Float

Balloon drops aren’t just for New Year’s Eve; they are also a great way to enhance an existing promotion, such as your St. Patrick’s Day party, because a balloon drop is easy to execute. It can be especially helpful if there comes a holiday that may not exactly fit your concept. If you are planning on opening and advertising for that night, add a balloon drop, with cash and prizes so that you have something to talk about on your banners, print ads and radio spots. Offering a giant balloon drop with tons of cash and prizes will fortify your promotion and make it sound larger than life. In reality, your cash investment is relatively small meaning you can put $200 to $300 cash in the balloon drop along with gift certificates, small bar tabs, certificates for free T-shirt, and anything else you plan on giving away.

The simplest and easiest way to execute a balloon drop is to purchase a net from any party supply store. The balloon net comes complete with fasteners, draw strings and balloons. Filling the balloons up the day of the promotion is another detail you will need to pay attention to because doing it any earlier will deflate the balloons to half of their original size and filling your balloons with helium is never recommended.

You can help to guarantee the cash that is won out of the balloon drop will find its way right back into your cash registers if you use small bills and have the DJ encourage the winners to buy drinks for their friends.

These small prizes can mean big profits for your business! 


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