Promotions = Profits

The only way to make money today is to get people into your place, and then get them to buy drinks, food and entertainment. Oh, and you have to keep them there, keep them happy and get them spending more so they return again and again.

Sounds easy enough, but it’s probably the toughest part of running a bar or nightclub. What’s the secret to the drive-traffic-and-sales scenario? Promotions. But you knew that already…

What you may not realize is that the promotions landscape is changing. While many of the tried-and-true strategies still work, new ideas, approaches and media now make promotions more appealing — and therefore effective — for today’s customer. We’re showcasing the basics and the best of new promotion ideas in this issue, which is completely devoted to the one thing that can make your bar thrive or dive: promotions. Check out the Promo Playbook for expert advice on planning and executing all types of promotions, read up on successful real-life programs, zero in on happy hour and then flip to the promotions calendar to start planning your next event. Look for ideas and advice on running great promotions throughout the issue.

Be sure to sign up for our new promotions newsletter, NCB Promo Power, at Launching in September, it will deliver a weekly dose of ideas, programs and advice to keep feet coming through your doors and patrons clamoring for more at your bar all year long.

Smart promotions start with smart planning. Get going by reading this issue, checking out for more promotion ideas and subscribing to NCB Promo Power. As the economy improves, make sure your business does, too, by getting guests’ attention, getting them into your place, keeping them there and selling them!

See you at the bar!

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