Pucker Flavored Vodka Partners With Patti Stanger to Play Matchmaker

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Patti Stanger, star of Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" is known for her intuitive ability to make personal connections that last. She has done so with her Millionaire's Club for over 10 years, and Patti will continue to work her magic this summer during Pucker Vodka's "Break Up and Match Up" program. Beginning in June, she'll use her unique talent to pair fun and flirty flavored-vodka drinkers' personalities with equally spirited cocktails made from Pucker Vodka – a new, flavored vodka that gets its naturally bold taste from fruit. Patti will help these flavored-vodka fans cast aside their boring, tired vodka they've been drinking all year for the bold and tasty flavors each bottle of Pucker Vodka offers.

Patti's partnership with Pucker Vodka will give flavored-vodka drinkers a reason to shake things up. "If part of your life isn't working with your dynamic personality, it's time to get rid of the old and match up with what's right for you. Whether it's dumping your boring boyfriend, the hairdresser who won't listen to your personal style or the outdated cocktail you've been drinking, let's face it – it's time to break up," says Stanger. "I'm partnering with Pucker Vodka to spread the message that summer is the perfect time to find what fits with your fun personality, including your drink of choice."

Via Facebook, Twitter and media interviews, Patti will offer tips and advice on the best ways to highlight one's personality to help flavored-vodka fans choose a drink that complements their full-of-life personalities and satisfies their individual tastes. Whether it is Sour Apple Sass, Grape Gone Wild, Cherry Tease or Citrus Squeeze, each Pucker Vodka bottle bursts with a full-bodied and flavorful taste ready to be enjoyed on its own, with a simple mixer or in a delicious cocktail.

"Patti's candid, outgoing personality and expertise in matchmaking is a perfect fit for a partnership with Pucker Vodka," says Kim Washington, Senior Director, Vodkas, Beam Global Spirits & Wine. "Just as Patti believes in the importance of finding the right match for your personality, we have created intense, playful Pucker Vodka flavors that match with fun-loving, sassy individuals."  

To discover all the ways to get involved with Pucker Vodka's "Break Up and Match Up" program this summer, check out cocktail recipes and find more information about Patti and Pucker Vodka's partnership, visit www.Facebook.com/PuckerVodka.  

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