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Welcome to NCB Promo Power! If you want more customers coming through your doors — and who doesn’t — then read on for inspiration and advice on planning and running great promotions. This newsletter, which will hit your inbox every Wednesday, is completely devoted to promotions that grow traffic and sales at bars and nightclubs, and was created in response to your demand for promotions how-to and ideas.

Our Featured Promotions section offers successful real-world programs — actual promotion programs and events put on by bars and nightclubs around the country. Want to share your success? E-mail us at [email protected]. We want to know about and show off what’s working in your place!

Promo Pros delivers expert advice — usable, step-by-step and reality-based guidance on all elements of creating, planning and executing successful bar and nightclub promotions. Have a question for our Promo Pros? E-mail us at [email protected]. We’ll get you an answer ASAP — because we know you can’t wait around when your business needs a spark!

Taffer’s Tips draws on the wealth of knowledge of our group president, Jon Taffer, who for years ran bars and nightclubs and then served as a consultant to operations large and small. Look for tips, tidbits and big ideas from him in each issue, and then put them to work and watch your sales grow.

Partner Programs showcases what’s hot from suppliers and vendors. These promotion programs are creative, attention-getting and often turnkey. Check them out to see what will work for your venue.

Promotions must be so much more than just a pretty point-of-sale piece or a rockin’ party. They must be well-planned and well-executed to be meaningful (meaning profitable!) to your business. So read on and look for NCB Promo Power every week for the best ideas and advice, and put the power of promotions to work for you.

See you at the bar!

Donna Hood Crecca
Publisher & Editorial Director
Nightclub & Bar

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