Serving Up Profits With Cook-off Competitions

With summer right around the corner, it's important to take advantage of what the warm days and nights can mean for you and your outdoor area. Kick off the summer season by hosting an outdoor event, such as a barbecue cook-off, which will keep customers excitedly coming back for more.

Because an event like this requires grilling, you must be able to use an outdoor space. It’s important to note that a barbecue cook-off works best when tied in with a local charity or other event that already is scheduled in your area (think fireworks on the 4th of July). By featuring local bands, vendor booths and other elements to drive participation, this promotion can become a well-known annual event that really pays off for your business. After all, it should be "bigger than life"! Variations on this theme include chili, wild-game, fish, rib and even chicken-soup cook-offs. Focus on what’s popular to your region and capitalize on it. If you’re from the South, have a cajun or soul-food cook-off; if you’re from the Southwest, throw a Tex-Mex cook-off, etc.

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