Sky Ranch Holiday Cards Now Available for Purchase Online

The Sky Ranch Foundation has announced that, for the first time, their popular holiday greeting cards can be ordered directly on the Internet for fast service and easy, secure payment! The beautifully printed cards feature artwork painted by Miles C, a Native American teenager, while he was being cared for at Sky Ranch. Since 1999, Sky Ranch Foundation has offered cards with art by Sky Ranch boys. The unique series, not available anywhere else, has been extremely popular.

This year's cards come with deluxe "peel and seal" foil lined envelopes, for easier closing and a luxury look. They also come with the satisfaction of knowing your holiday greetings to friends and associates are really accomplishing something important. The kids being cared for at Sky Ranch are getting tremendous help with their academic work as well as their personal issues and problems. Those who do well even get the chance to participate in the flight training program - a natural "high" like no other!
Sky Ranch Holiday cards come in two styles, Standard and Deluxe. The cards and envelopes are identical, but choosing "Deluxe" cards entitles the buyer to a one line (35 character) imprint inside the cards and a 2-line return address printed on the envelope flaps.  Cards cost just $50 per box of 25 Standard cards and envelopes (no imprint), or $60 per box of Deluxe cards (with imprint).
To learn more, or to order, just go to  A picture of the 2009 card is near the top of the page, and on-line order form is just below the picture. Or, if you prefer, simply click on the picture and an order form will be downloaded to your computer. You can then print and complete the form and mail it with your check or credit card information.
Sky Ranch for Boys has helped thousands of troubled kids since it was formed in 1960. The Sky Ranch Foundation, comprised primarily of executives in the alcohol beverage and related industries, owns the 3,000 acre ranch and buildings used by Sky Ranch for Boys. Sky Ranch Foundation also contributes 25%-30% of the annual operating budget of Sky Ranch for Boys, thanks to the generous response of beverage industry members to the greeting card and other projects. Sky Ranch for Boys and Sky Ranch Foundation are both recognized as charitable organizations by the Internal Revenue Service.
For more information, visit the web site or call Foundation HQ at 540-891-7201.

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