Snagging Labor Day Revelers

Labor Day was originally set aside as “the working man’s day,” a day of rest and the unofficial reminder that summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should relax your marketing efforts.

Labor Day Promotions for Bars and Nightclubs

The holiday weekend is prime time for snagging revelers eager to get the last bit out of summer.  However, Labor Day itself isn’t always enough to drive traffic through the door. Owners and operators need to constantly change their holiday promotion strategies to keep customers interested.

To prevent your bar from hitting a slump this Labor Day, here are some key pointers to help evade a slow holiday:

Host an Event. Be creative and combine some of the latter concepts with a great offer and persuasive call to action. The trick is in knowing your target audience, getting resourceful and being original. If your competitor down the street is thinking outside the box, and you’re not, then they will steal those patrons from your bar stools and dance floor.

Market Early, Often and Smart. Holiday weekends can present some uncertainty. People are going out of town, but also new guests will be visiting. Start early enough to entice and attract customers before they make other plans and often enough that they don’t forget about the great offer or event when bombarded with other promotions or happenings.

Know your limits. Know your track record and what you’re capable of doing. Look at the three-day weekend as opportunities for incremental revenue. Though the weekend brings ample opportunities to attract a larger crowd, that doesn’t mean there’s always an inherent benefit. It might not be in your best interest to invest too much time or money into all three days; instead pick a day and host one killer event.

Weight the costs and benefits.  It’s smart to weigh the benefits against the disadvantages with any promotion. Not every holiday weekend will positively affect the same bottom-line goals or return-on-investment opportunities. If you don’t have an outside area that accommodates guests, consider hosting a limited-time offer to attract guests.

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