Social Media Content: Quality vs. Quantity

Do you find it difficult to post quality content on Facebook or Twitter?  Many restaurant and bar operators are busy and find it difficult to post engaging topics that fans will like and or share. 

Whether you delegate postings or do it yourself, quality and timely content will increase fan followers, drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, increase sales and profits. 

Paul Slack from Splash Media says your goal should be to “turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into evangelists.” To fulfill such a goal, you have to provide timely and engaging content on your social media channels. 

Here are a few simple guidelines to help do just that:

Use a Posting Calendar

Using a simple calendar will help you plan what day, time and topic to post. You can choose to plan one to two weeks out or more.

Multiple Posts the Same Day

The days of posting on Facebook three to four times per week are now long gone. Go ahead and increase the number of times a day you post to ensure your content is seen. However, proceed with caution. If your posts are not valuable or engaging, there is a real danger of fans disliking you. 

Don’t Double Post

While there may be times you can use the same exact wording across Facebook and Twitter, this should be rare. Twitter and Facebook are unique and are used in different ways.

Use Action Verbs

Fans are more willing to comment when asked a question, especially if the question begins with where, when, would or should. Avoid asking "why" questions.

Content, Content, Content!

To determine content topics, look to relevant company information such as current menus, new products or services and special offers.  Think about the questions your customers ask most often.

Marketing your business with quality and engaging social media content requires planning and topic brainstorming. Taking the time to make your content engaging, interesting and relevant will pay off in the long run.


For a complimentary posting calendar template and topic content ideas, contact Dave Dronkers at [email protected] or 949-254-5084.

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