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Let's talk about what Twitter can do for your business!

We'll start with some stats for context. The first is Twitter's user base size: 320 million people using Twitter (60 million in the US) across 1.3 billion accounts. How does this happen? Take me as an example: I tweet personal stuff from @NCSULilWolf and keep business stuff separate with @RMG_REG (my agency), @RaleighFoodWine (festival we produce), @iheartretail (local shopping blog we publish), and a handful of others. Those branded, non-individual accounts add up quickly.

So 1.3 billion accounts sounds like a lot, right? It is. But there's something to know about that number while we're keeping Twitter honest, and that's the second stat I want to share with you: 43% percent of users have tweeted, but not within the last year. #TwitterQuitters are a real thing. Lots of users join networks out of curiosity, only to lose interest when they don't find unique value from what they're already doing on Facebook and the like. And that's ok! You're not on Twitter to talk to those users anyways - you want the ones who check in regularly and skim their feeds for the latest and greatest. Those feeds, by the way, are not filtered via algorithms like they are on Facebook, so when you post on Twitter, your audience has a greater chance of actually seeing your content.

The last statistic I want to share with you is quite possibly the most positive of them all: 29% of users check Twitter multiple times per day. That means a lot of opportunities for you to engage with potential customers or clients and get on their radar: for their evening plans, their upcoming purchasing decisions, or just day-to-day brand building.

Since its March 21, 2006 launch, Twitter has continuously added to its platform without losing the basic premise of updates posted in 140 characters or less. With the addition of sister app Periscope via its January 2015 acquisition by Twitter, updates can now be delivered via streaming live video, too. This is a great tool to consider adding to your arsenal if you've got a visually stimulating product such as flair bartending, killer cuisine going out from the kitchen, or live music performances at your venue.

If you think you don't have anything to say, you're not thinking enough about the value your organization provides consumers. Got drink specials each day of the week? Let Twitter know about them, each day! Hosting a fundraiser in two weeks? Again, let Twitter know about it each day leading up to the event, and then go a step further by showcasing your efforts during the event and celebrating the success for days after. Because Twitter is not as intrusive as email, the frequency with which you can communicate in this unique medium is much higher.

Make plans to join my “Twitter for Business” session at the Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. where in just 45 short minutes, I'll share the dos and don'ts of Twitter, examples of really great content, opportunities to build followers, and, for more established users who want to grow, we'll even chat about paid advertising strategies. Use code SAVE30BARNEWS when you register to get $30 off your pass!Put it on your calendar: See you in #Vegas!

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