Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

Hibernation has officially ended! Spring break and summer planning means new opportunities for your nightclub or bar business to grow.

After you’ve put that last sweater away, here are 7 ways to ensure your social media is ready for those sunny days ahead.

1. Google yourself!

You need to see exactly what your customers are seeing when they look for your establishment. Make sure you “claim” your Google Place listing and that your address and phone number are listed properly. Ensure your photos accurately reflect your business and make it seem appealing. The best part - it’s totally free!

2. Review your Yelp reviews.

Many business owners lose their sunny dispositions when they read a bad review. Get over it. Make sure none of the negative statements have a basis in fact and, if you need to “spring clean” your staff or menu, simply make a plan to do it. Focus on delighting your loyal customers and prospects. See Yelp Me! for more tips.

3. Clean up your website and social media pages.

No bleach or heavy lifting is required. Make sure your cover photo and description are appealing and up-to-date and that your posts are current. Engage your staff too. It’s a great way to build employee pride and you may just find you have some creative talent right in your own venue.

4. Get visual.

The average human attention span is now down to eight seconds. That’s why apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest have become so popular. Train yourself and your team to “capture moments” whenever possible and share them with your online fans.

5. Take advantage of spring holidays and events.

Easter is past us, but Small Business Week, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season are coming up soon. Be sure you have plans in place for each of them. Use social media to promote events and specials. Have some fun with these weird and wacky holidays too. Already have your plans in place? You’re not too early to think about summer promotions, especially if your establishment is in a tourist or resort area.

6. Already a social media power user?

You’re ready to “graduate” to the next level of social media engagement.

  • Learn about a new social app. Here is how some big brands are using Snapchat to promote products. It has 100 million daily users and many are under legal drinking age but, as with many social media channels, the age may climb in the future. Be ahead of the curve.
  • Explore online communities that fit your demographic profile. Join and follow groups.
  • Smartphone apps that appeal to specific segments of the market (beer fans, wine drinkers, nightlife finders, etc.) abound. Look for opportunities to meet your customers where they are.

7. Remember – social media is simply an extension of the “real world.”

Your social media plans should be fully integrated into the rest of your marketing. Attending or sponsoring a live event? Take pix and post them! Got praise from a customer? Ask if he can post a review on Yelp. All too often, business owners consider social media a separate “thing.” It’s just a way of communicating what you’re doing – and extending it to a larger audience!

Social media is here to stay. And like graduating seniors, it is entering a new phase in its evolution. Those business owners who figure out how to integrate it into their marketing programs and make it a part of their lives all year round will bloom like spring flowers!

So, grab that metaphorical bar mop and get to cleaning up your social media bar this spring!


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