Street Smarts: Hitting the Pavement to Gain Marketing Traction

Street TeamsBrand ambassadors can work strategically to deliver your brand message to consumers in a specific market. This direct marketing to consumers can be accomplished with collateral distributions, gorilla or street marketing and retail blasts. It creates instant buzz and direct engagement in high-traffic areas.

By being able to gain relevant traction and leverage current trends you can gain access to targeted demographics.  With strict marketing budgets in place these types of promotional strategies can help gain more traction without requiring a lot of financial resources.

The key is to think creatively and continuously bring fresh ideas to the forefront. The surprise effect of these efforts also helps to urge customers to visit your establishment. Hitting the pavement to gain relevant inroads, spot and leverage current trends, capture local market intelligence and engage authentic local interested is a must.

Some simple offerings to gain micro and macro activation in customer segments are:

Guerrilla Marketing
Street Team Marketing
Interactive Campaigns
Location Research and Scouting
College Campus Activation
Spring Break Marketing
Publicity Stunts
Flash Mobs and the like
Flyer Distribution

Competition is great and the economy is still bouncing back; therefore the survival of the majority of bars, restaurants and nightclubs is based on strategic marketing strategies. Every owner knows how marketing is crucial for survival. But don’t give up before stating the fight. Utilize brand ambassadors and creative promotional and marketing efforts to not only survive but thrive. 

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