Super Bowl Promo Planning

Four weeks till Super Bowl Sunday--are you ready? The Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sports events of the year, but also should be one of the biggest profit nights for your bar. Planning a promotion that can get even the most novice football fan in your doors takes planning, and with the big game only a month away, now is the time to get busy creating an event that will make your place the go-to destination for the Super Bowl. You don't want to miss out, so here's what you should be doing to get started on a successful Super Bowl promotion:

* Brainstorm — Pull together key members of your staff to create a theme for the event. Do this today! Come up with the "hook" — the offer or activity that will attract patrons to your bar (vs. the one down the block). Assign appropriate individuals to spearhead each aspect: marketing, creative, product, menus, etc.

* Tap your Partners — Identify (immediately!) the vendor partners who can be a part of the event. Think about those whose products match with your theme and business goals, and you know will support the program. Look for a beverage partner; call up your beer distributors and spirits and wine wholesalers and see which ones will bring ideas and support in the form of promotional materials and product to the table. Do the same with food vendor partners so your bar food offerings are unique and appealing. Think outside the box: consider partnering with local businesses to raffle off products or services between quarters or some other activity that will keep patrons in your place for the entire game while also sending them home with a prize!

* Check up on Regs — Make sure that whatever programs you work out with your vendor partners are in compliance with local and state regulations. Depending on how outside the box you go, you may need to consult your attorney.

* Create an event Ops Plan and P&L — What are the business goals? How is the game day drink and food menu engineered to be executed efficiently and at a profit? Be realistic about what you can churn out of your bar and kitchen at a quality level that will also generate revenue on what should be one of your highest volume days of the year.

* Get Going on Promotional Materials — Decide how you will ramp up awareness about your Super Bowl program: social media, flyers, in-house POP. Map out your marketing plan in waves, specifying what messaging will go out, how and when for the next four weeks, making sure to build up excitement for game day.

Take the time to do all this now and you'll be celebrating a record crowd and record profits on Feb. 6!



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