Taffer's Tips: All the Single Ladies

BachelorettesWomen are a very important demographic to any bar or club owner, so you should always be coming up with fun, new promotions to attract them to your establishment. That’s why a strong bachelorette program will fill your nightclub or bar with women early on a Saturday night. Not only will you see new clientele at your venue, but also it will positively affect your bottom line. And what's better than a large crowd of women at your establishment?

First things first, marketing a bachelorette program takes some legwork on your end, which includes participating in local bridal shows, working with local bridal shops and advertising in bridal magazines. Make sure your offer is a GREAT value too. Remember, the Maid of Honor usually organizes the bachelorette party, and she will be calling you, as well as your competition, looking for the best value, so make sure your package stands out from the others; this is not a time to be bottom-line oriented. Think about the impact that 100 women in your bar or club early on a Saturday night can do to help jump-start your party!

It’s important that your bachelorette package encourages the women to come early, as well. For example, offer the group a guaranteed reserved table if they arrive before 10 p.m. You then have the challenge of entertaining the ladies once they get to the bar or club. Some ideas to consider: a male dancer in a private or semi-private area of the club or bar, a scavenger hunt that encourages them to interact with other customers – have them find out the color of the DJ’s underwear, have their picture taken with the cutest door guy, etc. Provide the girls with a camera – women love taking pictures – and don’t forget to leave them with some kind of memento such as a bachelorette T-shirt with your bar or club's logo that all of the women can sign!

If you follow these steps, your bachelorette program ultimately will be the biggest one in town, meaning you'll see groups of women at your place every Saturday night!

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