Taste of Tuesday in 2009

Frequent visitors to the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., have enjoyed the summertime Taste of Tuesday promotion for the last two years, in which guests stop in to the Cameo bar for a bite to eat and a signature cocktail. Starting at 6 p.m. every Tuesday, tasting-sized appetizers range from $5 to $10 to a $20 platter, and a cocktail of the evening is available. This year’s change: Instead of last year’s method of having the hotel bartender invent the drink, the bar has brought on a different liquor brand sponsor for each month of summer.

The first lucky label was Casa Noble tequila, and a different drink was featured each Tuesday, available to guests for $5 instead of $12. To fit with the theme, the food included Latin flavors such as ceviche and tamales. 

“We have done Taste of Tuesday the last two years, but we are partnering and making it bigger this year,” says Kate Jerkens, director of sales and marketing for Viceroy Santa Monica. “To boost the energy, we wanted to partner with cool brands … brands that fit with our property. And, if you look at where we are, we are unique to the area.”

Casa Noble brand reps came out to the property on a Friday in June and educated the bar staff on the brand and the signature cocktails they had created. The first offering, The Nobelita, combines Casa Noble Organic Crystal Tequila, organic orange juice and fresh pomegranate juice served on the rocks.

It’s a win-win for the hotel but also for the brand, explains David Ravandi, co-owner and president of Casa Noble.

“Both Casa Noble and Viceroy Santa Monica are upscale and luxurious commodities, and a natural partnership is formed when we work with one another hand in hand to present a great summer event for consumers.”

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