Taverns and Bars Celebrate aTavern Montha This May

Bethesda, MD  – This May, America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers encourage everyone to recognize their local bars and taverns by celebrating Tavern Month. Tavern Month is a chance to raise awareness of the long-standing role of local bars and taverns in communities large and small across the United States.

Long known as the “Friendliest Place in Town”, the American bar and tavern represent the best of social culture and the community spirit that is at the core of the country’s civil fabric. Bars and taverns give to thousands of charities, provide millions of jobs and entertain tens of millions of patrons each year.

“Ask just about anyone 21 years of age and older and chances are they have been in a bar or tavern to celebrate good times with good friends,” said American Beverage Licensees (ABL) Executive Director John Bodnovich. “We should never take for granted the role local bars and taverns play in American culture.”

“We’re raising a glass to the more than three hundred thousand bars and taverns this May, and the people who help provide memorable moments to millions of Americans each year, and jobs to millions more,” said Bodnovich.

Today’s bars and taverns reveal the changing cultural norms of the country while still reflecting the fiercely independent spirit of bar and tavern owners.

Bar and tavern owners continue to place a strong emphasis on responsible service by training employees and incorporating programs to prevent drunk driving and underage access to alcohol.

“Bar and tavern owners understand the responsibility that comes with serving beverage alcohol and they take it very seriously,” said Bodnovich. “By using technology, training, and partnering with other members of their communities, they are doing their part to thwart underage access and alcohol misuse.”

As the retail tier of the three-tier system, bar and tavern owners work with state regulators and elected officials to support sensible beverage alcohol policy. They are the face of the broader hospitality industry and are quick to take up arms against those who would attack their lawful businesses.

Bars and taverns are also places where trends and tastes are developed and customers can sample from a vast variety of products. Each independent bar and tavern maintains its own unique identity and appeal to its customers. Whether it’s a wine bar, a corner pub, a trendy lounge or a family-owned and operated tavern, they all provide a setting for meetings, remembrances and celebrations that is unique to their geographic area and customers.

Tavern Month has been celebrated each May for 58 consecutive years by American Beverage Licensees, the largest national trade association dedicated to supporting and promoting the beverage alcohol retail community, and its on-premise predecessor, the National Licensed Beverage Association. ABL is joined by its state and local bar & tavern association affiliates this year to spread the word that May is Tavern Month…Let’s Celebrate!

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