Tom Leykisa Top 10 Tips to Being the Best Bar or Club

“Think bigger, be bigger,” Tom Leykis, radio host of the “The Tasting Room” told the crowd during his keynote speech at the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show held in March in Las Vegas. “You have to be great.”

To be the best, he said, you have to provide entertainment and, above all else, be a good showman.

Tom Leykis delivers his keynote speech on how to run a successful bar or club at the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show.

“In this economy, when you’re competing for people’s attention, you can’t be the best bar or club, you have to be the best showman,” he explained.

Leykis told the crowd that by not realizing all the potential they have for success, they’ll constantly remain on the periphery of the bar and nightclub business. Instead, bars and clubs need to be a part of the entertainment industry. People are trying to make or break your business every day, so it’s important to strive for greater things and get ahead by managing public perception as well as the reality of your business.

Leykis offered these 10 tips to get business owners started:

1. When it comes to social media, offer something unique. “If you do it the wrong way, you look desperate,” he said.
2. Offer something more to get people coming back. "Provide entertainment that people can't get from other venues."
3. People are always looking for something to do, so create opportunities for your bar or club that drive people to your establishment.
4. Don’t lose what makes your concept unique.
5. Provide a complete experience from entertainment to good food and drinks.
6. Use what your community has to offer by featuring local entertainment.
7. Update your menu by including specialty drinks.
8. Make sure your food is top notch, or guests won't come back.
9. Never forget showmanship, it's the most important thing you do.
10. “People aren’t looking to drink, they’re looking for fun.”

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