The VIP Treatment

Offering VIP or loyalty cards to your target customers is a great way to reward them, make them feel special, create advanced sales and generate a mailing list that will allow you to contact your best customers. Plus, all of these perks will give them advance notice of upcoming events and special promotions such as VIP appreciation parties.

Making sure that your VIP cards only go out to your target customers, and that you collect all of their information, is imperative. For example, you could make your VIP card a two-piece card. The top portion is the VIP card and the bottom portion is a lead card. After the customer fills out the lead card, you tear off the bottom and give them the VIP card.

Another twist on the VIP Card program is to create another level for customers between regular customers and VIPs. You can sell Club Cards that have benefits such as discounted cover charge, free cover before 10 p.m. or front-of-the-line privileges. You could sell this card for a lesser amount and still collect valuable information while building loyalty.

Most importantly, make sure that the card is the best quality you can afford. You can purchase four-color credit card quality VIP and Club Cards with a signature stripe for about 30 cents each. Don't forget that the quality of the card directly reflects the value your VIP program.

With these simple tips, a VIP program is an easy way to create a clientele that looks at your bar or club as the place to be almost every night. If you implement these ideas, you’ll certainly see the rewards.


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