Vote for the Cocktail Party! 8 Election Day Cocktails

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It’s finally here: Election Day. The political pundits have been making their predictions for weeks now, claiming they’re all but absolutely certain about who’s going to win the Oval Office. We tend to steer clear of politics but we do know one thing is certain when it comes to this election: Americans could really use a refreshing, stress-relieving, soul-scrubbing cocktail tonight.

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Partiers, Independents… Your party affiliation (or lack thereof) really doesn’t matter to us. For the past several months we’ve all lived through nasty campaigns, unprecedented mudslinging, accusations on all sides, scandals (both real and imagined), doomsday predictions and fearmongering, a ridiculous amount of printed and televised attack ads, and political phone calls, texts, mailers and emails.

We may or may not be getting the candidates we deserve, depending on your viewpoint, but we’ve all endured a shockingly stressful race for the presidency, and therefore we’ve earned the right to sip some politically themed libations.

If you voted early, here’s to you – you don’t have to hit the polls today. If you’re voting today, we raise one to your bravery. Either way, let’s celebrate the fact that we in America enjoy the right to peaceful, democratic transfer of power. Sure, some media outlets may like to focus on the ugliness that comes with politics and elections. But we know that Americans are capable of disagreeing with one another in a civil manner and lifting a pint, cocktail, shot or glass of wine with those who don’t share our exact same political views.

So here’s to Election Day, exercising our right to vote, and enjoying a well-made cocktail with our fellow Americans.


Democrat cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktail recipes

Created by Jon Santer of Prizefighter in Emeryville, CA, the Democrat calls for bourbon, peach liqueur and honey syrup and is an excellent way for voters to put their party affiliation on display.

Elephant Flip cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktail recipes

The Elephant Flip, created by Christina Rando while she was at Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. in Philly, is an interesting blend of amaro, rum, bourbon, pomegranate molasses, and two different bitters.

Hillarita cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktail recipes

Hillary Clinton supporters will appreciate being able to celebrate their candidate with the Hillarita, a combination of Tres Generaciones Reposado and DeKuyper Amaretto created by Omni Hotels & Resorts.

Trumptini cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktail recipes

There are some recipes out there purporting to be the Trumptini but this is the official recipe from Trump International Beach Resort. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump is a well-known teetotaler so he’s reportedly never had one of these.

Delirium aka Bill Murray cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktails

The Delirium is the perfect cocktail for those who have been left confused and a bit out of their minds because of the 2016 elections.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktails

We’ve definitely seen The Good, the Bad & the Ugly in the many months and seemingly endless days leading up to the Big Decision.

Drambuie & Reyka Vodka Silver Lining cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktails

Well, there’s certainly one Silver Lining when it comes to the 2016 elections: for better or for worse, they’re over tonight.

Liberation Libation cocktail recipe - November 8 Election Day cocktails

All jokes aside, exercising our right to vote is one of the hallmarks of the freedom that we enjoy. Celebrate our freedom with the Liberation Libation.

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