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Charity season is around the corner and with it, the guarantee of numerous requests from organizations wanting donations. While most bars and nightclubs are happy to give back, the reality is that the costs of these events add up fast, ultimately leaving you, the owner, with a high tab. However, you can make hosting charity parties inexpensive and beneficial by following some simple tips:

  • Approach your vendors/distributors before the season starts to get a pre-approved amount of their product donated for the charity events. They’ll like having their product featured, not to mention the publicity and recognition that comes with it.
  • Say yes to the charity but make sure they purchase the food. The income from this will help cover your other costs. The charity organization will be happy to use your venue, staff, lighting and music, as well as liquor that your distributor donates.
  • Focus on capturing email addresses and phone numbers from guests that attend your charity promo. While we all know that charities often are hesitant to give up the lists they’ve already compiled, there’s a good chance they’ll at least allow you to ask patrons to give you their information. Once you acquire your own list, you’ll have a fresh new set of potential clientele to communicate with throughout the year.

When approached in this manner, charity events can actually be a huge asset to your bar or nightclub. So talk to your distributors in advance, have charities purchase the food and supply lists to gain a new audience. Once you’ve accomplished all those things, let charity season give back to you.


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